Navigating Discourse Genres:  Shows two small kids paddling a canoe

Parallel Texts in American Sign Language and English
on Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

with Eric Larson and Jenny Stenner
Interpretations by Anthony Verdeja

Narrative – ASL outline

(Note: These outlines were created after the texts were signed. They represent an outside attempt to organize the information in the text, and were not used in anyway to prepare for creating these texts.)

Formatting Under Construction

  • Family enjoys going to BWCA
    • For natural environment
    • Goes every year
  • Have two children
  • Haven’t gone on canoe trips with a lot of traveling
    • Hard to manage portages and packing gear while young
      • Last summer did trip with more travel
    • Son is 8 and can manage backpack
    • Daughter is 6–can carry school backpack
  • I carried Duluth Pack
  • Another family of four came
  • They brought the food
  • I carried clothes in my pack
  • Arrived at the BWCA
    • Off the Echo Trail
      • Hegman Lake
    • Had to walk 1/4 mile from parking area
    • Trip went from Hegman lake to other lakes
      • Have to portage between lakes
        • Portage means carrying boat on shoulders
      • Chose Hegman Lake because of short portages
        • Didn’t want long portages with kids
    • At Parking area, sent kids off
    • Experienced with being in BWCA
      • Know what is safe or not
    • I carried gear down to lake
      • Not very far
      • Calculating how many “knots”
        (Editor’s note: The term she is searching for is actually “rod” which is the measurement used for portages. One rod equals 16-1/2 feet .)

        • Unsure of the math
        • Wanting help on figuring out equation
          • Never mind
        • Felt like 1/4 mile
      • Brought canoe first
      • Got Duluth Pack Second
      • Have to be careful of my back
        • Some can carry both pack and canoe
        • Trip went a long well
          • One day particularly memorable
          • Happened on a big lake
            • Should know that I don’t always require my son to wear a life jacket
              • He’s good at swimming
              • More tough on my daughter about life jacket
              • She doesn’t like wearing it
              • Set up in the boat
              • Me in back
                v My daughter in the middle ß My son in front
                v If daughter in front, canoe tips way back ß Kevlar canoe, but still hard to paddle
                •    Better to have son in front plus day pack to balance weight v Very windy that day with big waves
                y? Heading back at the end of the trip ß At first, son very excited about canoeing
                v Cocky about his own ability y? But had only gone on shorter trips
                •    Toward the end of trip, started to get crabby about having to paddle ?    This day was the worst
                v Couldn’t go straight into the wind y? Had to zig-zag
                ?    Boat was unbalanced v Wanted to daughter to move up by son, but didn’t want her to move and tip the boat
                ß Boat was stable, but I was paranoid ?    Got son’s attention and asked him to move forward and paddle
                •    He was obviously angry
                y? I was frustrated v Yelled at my son and called him lazy
                ß Can you imagine me saying that to my own son? •    Ordered my daughter to move forward to balance the boat
                v What would have taken 2-3 hrs in calm weather took all day y? Sometimes we got stuck in currents which made it worse
                ß I was paddling on my knees which hurt but I didn’t care •    Finally, gave up on trying to make a direct crossing
                v Hugged the shoreline until we made it around
      • y? Made it take much longer ß We made it to shore
        y? My son was exhausted
        y? I felt awful v I apologized to my son for my outburst
        ?    He accepted my apology v The memory still bothers me
        y? But it was a horrible situation trying to make that crossing