Navigating Discourse Genres:  Shows two small kids paddling a canoe

Parallel Texts in American Sign Language and English
on Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

with Eric Larson and Jenny Stenner
Interpretations by Anthony Verdeja


This project is the result of many people and organizations. We are grateful for the collaboration that brought this project into being.

Language Models:

Eric Larson–Courage Duluth
Jenny Stenner

Interpreter Model:

Anthony Verdeja

Audience for ASL Texts:

Albert Walla

Lighting Assistance and Advice:

Rolf Hagberg

Canoe Equipment Models:

Sylvie and Frost Bowen-Bailey

CD-ROM Reviewers:

Paula Gajewski ~  Cynthia Roy ~ Christine Skoczynski ~ Laurie Swabey ~ Todd Tourville

Concept/Filming/Computer Design/Producer:

Doug Bowen-Bailey

The staff of the Region III Low-Incidence Project:

Regional Low-Incidence Facilitator:

Pat Brandstaetter

Administrative Assistant:

Tasha Honkola

The staff of the RSA Region V Interpreter Training Project:


Laurie Swabey

Project Managers:

Paula Gajewski
Richard Laurion

Administrative Assistant:

Darla Barrows