Navigating Discourse Genres:  Shows two small kids paddling a canoe

Parallel Texts in American Sign Language and English
on Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

with Eric Larson and Jenny Stenner
Interpretations by Anthony Verdeja

A Framework for Analysis

Download “Contrasting Discourse Genres” Fillable Form

Source Language: ASL Target Language: English
Discourse Genre Salient Feature
(What stands out in the text?)
(Communicative Purpose)
Functional Equivalent
(What feature carries out same function?)
EX: Narrative The use of “direct speech” or constructed dialogue during the climax of Jenny’s story when she is yelling at her son in the canoe Shows the emotional impact of the events on the characters in the story Eric uses more description to carry out this –describes “tears starting to show” on his wife’s face, rather than using direct quotations of what she said

This table is strongly influenced by the work of Elizabeth Winston as explained to me by Patty Gordon.