ASL Texts for Consecutive Interpreting Practice

Meet Debbie

In this text, Debbie tells of something about who she is.

English Summary

Meet Debbie

Debbie gives her name and that she is Deaf. She was born in Mississippi to Deaf parents who attended the School for the Deaf in Mississippi. She was the oldest of three. Her middle brother is also Deaf was born in Mississippi. Her youngest brother (Deaf as well) was born in Alabama. Her extended family includes many Deaf people as well. After graduting from school, she went to Gallaudet, graduated, and became a postal carrier. She worked this job for 7 years until she was ready for a change.

She then went through a master’s program in Teaching ASL at Western Maryland College. After graduating, she worked at The Bicultural Center with Betty Colonomos and MJ Bienvenu–who served as her mentor. She then taught for a year at the University of Minnesota, but the winters sent her to Alabama for a year to coordinate an ASL program there. She then worked for two years in New York setting up a Deaf Studies program, but after a Republican governor replaced the Democrat in office, funding for the program was cut. So, she moved back to MInnesota to coordinate a Federal Educational Interpreter Grant. Then, she moved to Seattle where she coordinates an Interpreter Training Program.

And that is about it.

These summaries are offered for support in comprehension.  They are written in third person to provide the information contained in the text, rather than a model interpretation.  Use them only as a stepping stone for your own analysis and interpretation.