ASL Texts for Consecutive Interpreting Practice

A Misinterpreted Tour

In this text, Tracy tells of a visit to New York City and one tour guide’s misunderstanding.

Step 1:  Complete Text


Step 2:  Text in Parts

The video below has been separated into sections. Watch the entire section. Then, when the movie is done, produce an interpretation. When you are finished with your interpretation, click the arrow on the right of the video screen to go on to the next section.

This video is divided into 6 sections.

Step 3:  Work with Complete Text Again

Now that you have gone through this process and worked with the sections edited for consecutive practice, try interpreting the complete text again.    If you wish, you can also review the English summary of the text to support your comprehension.  It is below.

The complete video is at the top of this page.  Click here to return there.

English Summary

 A Misinterpreted Tour

While she was a student at Gallaudet, Tracy’s sister and two friends came to visit. Rather than seeing Washington, DC again, they decided to drive to New York City to see the sights up there. Once they got to the city, they took a tour bus rather than driving around themselves. One of Tracy’s friends was Deaf and so Tracy’s sister took on the role of interpreter on the tour—signing what the tour guide was saying. Later on in the tour, the guide approached Tracy’s sister and asked her to come interpret for a woman who only spoke Spanish—a misunderstanding that left Tracy’s sister speechless.

These summaries are offered for support in comprehension.  They are written in third person to provide the information contained in the text, rather than a model interpretation.  Use them only as a stepping stone for your own analysis and interpretation.