ASL Texts for Consecutive Interpreting Practice

An “Explosive” Classmate

In this text, Debbie explains about a classmate who used an M-80 to get himself into trouble.

Step 1:  Complete Text

Step 2:  Text in Parts

The video below has been separated into sections. Watch the entire section. Then, when the movie is done, produce an interpretation. When you are finished with your interpretation, click the arrow on the right of the video screen to go on to the next section.

(This video has 7 sections.)


Step 3:  Work with Complete Text Again

Now that you have gone through this process and worked with the sections edited for consecutive practice and the English summary, try interpreting the complete text again.  The video is at the top of this page.  Click here to return there.

English Summary

An “Explosive” Classmate

Debbie had a classmate named Johnny who was notorious for his pranks. One time, he brought some M-80s to school, which are extremely strong fireworks that can actually destroy property. Johnny went into a bathroom, lit an M-80 and flushed it down the toilet. When the water in the toilet bubbled, Johnny realized that the M-80 had exploded somewhere down the pipes. He lit a second M-80 and waited a little longer to put it in the toilet. To his surprise, he waited too long and it exploded before he was able to flush. The explosion cracked the toilet in half and sent water spraying all over the room. Johnny rushed back to class, but he was soon called into the office. Johnny ended up with a 2 week suspension. The next spring, there was a yellow spot on the school’s lawn that wouldn’t green up. After digging it up, they discovered that the pipe had been broken at this point—the work of the first M-80.

This was just one example of Johnny’s troublemaking. He actually died in a motorcycle accident, but his memory lives on in the minds of all his classmates.