Amy gives a brief description about her education and what brought her to the profession of sign language interpreting.

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Hi, I’m Amy Williamson-Loga, a sign language interpreter.  I’ve been an interpreter for the past ten years.  I actually got started as an interpreter not really as a life plan.  I… my parents are deaf, and when I went away to college at the University of North Carolina, I needed a job  and found out that I could actually make money doing something I had been doing my whole life.  So, I started out interpreting just to pay for college. Um, I did grow up in North Carolina. That’s where I’m from. And, uh, I didn’t complete my coursework at the University of North Carolina, though, from North Carolina, I moved away to Washington, DC, and lived and worked at Gallaudet University for a little over a year and from there, moved to Tucson, Arizona, and attended the University of Arizona and completed my coursework there in sociology and a minor in linguistics.

Um, I also got married when I was in Tucson, and my husband and I moved to Saipan  which is, uh, a part…an island in the Northern Marianas Islands which is the same island chain that Guam is on. I lived and interpreted there for a little over a year, and when we came back to the mainland, we lived in Virginia for a while and right now I live in Vermont. So, I’ve moved around quite a bit,  but I’ve always been an interpreter.