Bowls, Bowls, Bowls

In these texts, Amy describes the results of giving her husband a certificate to a local pottery studio.

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For Christmas last year, I gave my husband a gift certificate to the local pottery studio.  He had been talking about wanting a hobby, um, something to do inside in the winters, and so I thought, um, get him a gift certificate to the pottery studio and maybe he can learn how to throw pots. Well, little did I know that this would become an obsession for him.  And not just in the way that he becomes obsessed with making perfect pots.  But that he, he was obsessed with the quantity of pots that he made.

So I’d say now I have maybe 60 bowls, and he’s not just making a variety of different things.  He’s just making one thing and it’s bowls. Bowls of all sizes, all shapes, all colors, and my kitchen’s pretty small, so it’s fine to have bowls, I mean, bowls are great. We’re finding plenty of uses for them.  We have people over and we serve all the meals in bowls.  You can have a bowl for the salad, a bowl for your pasta, and a bowl for your ice cream. Everybody’s fine, you know.

Um, however, I’m having a difficult time finding space for them all.  And, as he’s, over time, he’s gotten a lot better at making the bowls, and so there’s some that aren’t as, um, aren’t as functional as others.  And so I’ve tried to give them away, or throw them out even, and he’s just way too obsessed with them and he knows if there’s one missing.  So, I, instead, really had to make space for the bowls.  And, and the way that I’ve done that is-we’ve really found a compromise for it – is that we have stacks of bowls now on the shelf in our kitchen.  And they’re organized not by size or function, but by color.  We have a stack of white bowls, a stack of blue bowls, and a stack of brown bowls, and at any point, you can just pull a bowl off of it and, you know, put your olives in it or have that bowl for your cereal or whatever.

Um, so it’s really great and now that it’s summer, um, we’re doing just fine with the bowls. However, I’m a little bit anxious, a little nervous, about him going back to pottery in the winter because the collection’s just gonna grow. So, it should be interesting.