Discovering a Garden

In these texts, Amy explains about the gardens and flowers which they discovered the spring after they bought their house in Vermont.


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We bought our house in the month of November. Now, November in Vermont is pretty drab, brown.  The grass is dead.  There are no leaves on the trees. No ?owers in the yard, none of that.  So, when we bought our house, we really did not know what sort of, um,?ora and fauna we would have come the spring. Now, when the spring ?nally arrived, which for Vermont is May,  um, we were pleasantly surprised at what we found. In every corner, all around the house, in our gardens, stuff was coming up everywhere.

Now this was happening all over Vermont, so it wasn’t just in our yard.  However, the questions that I had was, “Is this a weed?” or “Is this some exotic plant that I don’t want to pull because it’s ten dollars a bulb?”  And so, uh, I really didn’t know because I’m not really the gardener, I don’t really know….I don’t really know my plants.  So I had a friend come over and give me a guide, uh, a tour of my own yard. (Laughs)  It was really helpful. She came and showed me what I wanted to keep and what I really needed to get up, get rid of –  what was going to be invasive and was not going to be good for my other plants. and uh, it was just great, and so now that I’ve actually… this is my second summer here in the house, and now that I’ve actually kind of learned what’s here and what’s not – um, our neighbors are really envious of our yard and of the perennials that we have and I think that our yard is, is, uh, pretty nice.