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Since 1998, Doug Bowen-Bailey has been creating resources for interpreter education.  This history has allowed Doug to develop a wealth of tools to use in workshop design and presentation.  What is listed below are samples of some of the workshops Doug has presented and can adapt for your setting, but the list is certainly not exhaustive. Additionally, he frequently presents with partners – so if you are interested in knowing the possibilities of presenting teams, please contact Doug.

Time Frames

All workshops can be customized to fit the length of time you need filled.

Learn How

to interpret in
healthcare settings.

Making Your Case: Case Conferencing for Interpreters and Transliterators - picture shows med students talking around a table

Learn How

to have a professional
dialogue to raise quality of service.

In Service to Literacy

Learn How

to foster linguistic and social
literacy in the classroom.

Learn How

to support other interpreters
in their professional development journey.

Cartography for Interpreters: The Value of Discourse Mapping - words printed on top of world map

Learn How

to create interpretations
with effective discourse maps.

Exploring Emerging Paradigms in Interpreting (image of red and black swiss army knives with multiple tools)

Learn How

to frame decisions as
a practice professional.

Image of troll standing in front of stone bridge - text reads Storytelling for Interpreters

Learn How

narrative skills can raise
the quality of your interpreting.

Orange person sitting in front of lap top - text reads "Effectie Online Education"

Learn How

to design, identify and make
the most of online education.

Allies & Advocates: Interpreters as agents of change - over image of hands clasp together

Learn How

to work with the Deaf community
to build a more just society.

Ala Carte menu- graphic showing fork plate and knife

Contact Doug

to create a custom
workshop that fits for you.

Workshop Fees

Here are my costs for providing different workshops.  Each workshop includes a custom design that matches your particular situation, as well as a follow-up web site that provides participants on-going access to a variety of resources.

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