Interactive Potpourri

Six Interactive Situations for Interpreting Practice

Credits for this Project

Actors for Scenarios:
Doug Bowen-Bailey
Cheryl Blue
Nancy Crane
Susan Lorenz

Interpreters for Scenarios:
Doug Bowen-Bailey
Susan Lorenz

Filming/Computer Design/Production:
Doug Bowen-Bailey

The staff of the RSA Region V Interpreter Training Project:
Administrator: Laurie Swabey
Project Managers: Paula Gajewski
Richard Laurion
Administrative Assistant: Darla Barrows

The staff of the Minnesota Region III Low Incidence Project:
Regional Low-Incidence Facilitator: Pat Brandstaetter
Administrative Assistant: Tasha Honkola

Special thanks to
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services ~ Northeast
for providing the time for Cheryl Blue, Nancy Crane, and Susan Lorenz to be involved in this project.

This project came to be out of the support of many different people and organizations. Many thanks go out to the following for their support in both producing and distributing this project.