The following videos are reflections on an interpreted situation at the 2014 MRID Fall Conference.  They represent what could have been a situation that led to broken trust between interpreters and Deaf people.  However, because of the opportunity for open dialogue, it led to better understanding of the interpreting process and the ways that interpreters and Deaf people can work together as a team for better results.


Doug Bowen-Bailey shares an introduction to the process of doing a case conference with Carrie Wilbert, Sonny Wasiloski, Curt Slater, Patty Gordon, and Nic Zapko.

The Interpreter’s Dialogue

Carrie and Doug have a conversation about how case conferencing allows them to better understand the choices they make in their work by looking at demands faced and controls used – as well as the consequences for those involved.  This video was filmed first and the following videos were created in response to viewing this video – as well as people’s own participation in the event discussed.

One Deaf Participant’s Perspective

Sonny Wasilowski shares his experience with the interpreters at this dinner and presentation.

The Other Deaf Participant’s Perspective

Curt Slater shares how the evening went for him as well as what he learned in this process of dialogue.

Fostering Dialogue

Patty Gordon and Nic Zapko led a workshop the next day that encouraged open and honest dialogue between Deaf people and interpreters.  This situation, from the previous night, was one of the topics raised.  They share how what is documented in these videos is a great example of what this type of conversation can lead to in strengthening relationships between interpreters and Deaf people.

Further Information on Case Conferencing

Further Discussion

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