Kym Young with sign saying Our Lives Have Value! #politicsoffmybody

Kym Young, a leader in the Duluth community, has started an online campaign for social justice. Here is the description:

#politicsoffmybody advocates for equal rights and fairness for all people,regardless of race, creed, sex, religion, age, disability or income status.

#politicsoffmybody advocates for open discussion and exchange of ideas without personal bias, demeaning language, name calling, shaming, bullying and all forms of mental, physical and spiritual intimidation or persecution(s)

#politicsoffmybody advocates for peaceful protests that inform the public, promote open discourse and disncussion of ideas. Using only constitutionally protected rights to include:

  • Boycotting
  • Civic demonstration
  • Social media campaigns
  • Letter writing
  • Public forums
  • Public debates
  • Drafting, distribution and signing of petitions
  • Distribution of factual pertinent information and Lawful promotion of same

#politicsoffmybody asserts the right to amend and or add to these guidelines as needed and warranted.

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