Strategies for Practice

There are many possibilities for working with these interactive scenarios. What is suggested here may lead you to consider new ways of preparing to work in interactive settings.

1. Practice prediction skills

Given the information in the introductions (both written and signed), spend several minutes predicting what topics and themes may be in the dialogue. In addition, you may want to generate a list of fingerspelled words that you might expect to see.

2. Practice interpreting in a consecutive manner

The video segments were edited to include a fade out and some additional time between each turn. Because of this, it is possible to pause the video by clicking the Play/Pause Button on the control bar at the bottom of the video window. An easy way to do this is just have your mouse positioned over the button and click your mouse to pause and start the movie.

3. Practice interpreting in a simultaneous manner with more processing time

Because of the added time separating speaker turns, it is possible to give yourself more processing time for your interpretation. The amount of time added is:

  • Visit to the Vet: 3 seconds
  • Travels in Africa: 2.5 seconds
  • Parent-Teacher Conference: 2 seconds
  • In Trouble at School: 1 second

Near the bottom of each page, the amount of extra time is also stated. You may choose to work in a consecutive manner with initial scenarios, and then move to working in a simultaneous manner with the latter situations. Regardless of what strategies you choose, we hope that this resource will prove to be beneficial as you seek to improve your interpreting skills in interactive settings.

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