About the Actors

Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson, CDI-P, hails from a Deaf family in Alabama.  She received a B.A. degree in Psychology from Gallaudet University and a M.A. in Teaching ASL Program (TAP) from Western Maryland College.  She was an ASL instructor and coordinator of ASL Programs in Maryland, Alabama, and Minnesota.  She coordinated the Educational Interpreter Training Grant Program at St. Paul Technical College before moving to Seattle, Washington.  She is now teaching at the Interpreter Training Program at Seattle Central Community College.  She is on the RID – CDI Task Force, implementing the written the test for Deaf Interpreters.

Patty Gordon

Patty Gordon, CI,CT, has a B.A. in Linguistics from Metropolitan State University.  She is working towards a Master’s in Interpreter Education at the University of Colorado- Boulder. In addition to community interpreting work, she designs and provides support services to mentors working with interpreters in K-12 settings.  Her experience as an interpreter educator includes work at  Western Oregon University; the College of St. Catherine; Front Range Community College as well as work-shops on the interpreting process, peer assessment and feedback, discourse analysis and ASL-English skill development.  She is a Co-Author of the “MRID Self-Paced Modules for Educational Interpreters” and “A Plan for Mentorship of Educational Interpreters in Minnesota”.

Doug Bowen-Bailey

Doug Bowen-Bailey, CI,CT, lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota.  He coordinates mentoring for educational interpreters through the Northeast Service Cooperative and teaches an ASL V course at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.  He also presents workshops on a variety of topics related to interpreting.  Most recently, he is a bit surprised to find himself turning into a computer geek who is producing a series of CD-ROMs.

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