Texts with Cheryl

Personal Background

In this text, Cheryl gives a little background on her educational and work experi-ence.  (6:08)

Spinach Quiche

Cheryl explains how to prepare a Spinach Quiche.  Be wary of working with this one when you’re hungry.  (2:54)

A True Ghost Story

A personal experience of an encounter with a ghost. (2:45)

Technology and Telecommunications

A brief history of how technological changes have affected Deaf people’s ability to communicate. (2:36)

A Visit to the Emergency Room

A story about a son’s accident and going to the hospital for treatment. (2:08)

Tainted Teeth

A story from working in a Mental Health program. (1:43)

Communication Tips

A sample of a talk to an employer who has just hired a deaf employee and is planning on setting up a meeting to figure out how best to work together.(3:06)

Idiom in the Classroom

A Middle School story  of dealing with an English idiom. (1:18)

Working with the Police

A description of Cheryl’s efforts in working with the Duluth Police Department to improve relations with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. (2:44)

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