My CD-ROM won’t play the video. What do I do?

There can be several reasons why the CD might not work.


Check to make sure that there is not a crack or a scratch on the video.  You are welcome to make back-up copies of the DVDs or CDs to ensure that if one becomes damaged, you will still be able to use the resource.


The CD-ROMs use a combination of two software programs:  Adobe Reader and Apple QuickTime.  Because they were produced a number of years ago, there can be compatibility issues.

If you are using a Mac, your system may be set-up to view PDF files with the software program, Preview.  To have the videos play, you need to use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file on the CD.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please send an e-mail to

  • Describe which CD you are attempting to use and what problem you are encountering.
  • Be sure include your operating system (which version of Windows or Mac OS) and what versions of Acrobat Reader and QuickTime you have installed.
  • We’ll do our best to help you overcome your difficulty so you can go on to enjoy and learn from these resources.

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