Lesson 3

Lesson 3 – Lesson Plan


Students will identify the representations of numbers that are in the word problem and translate from English to Algebra.

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Procedure / Development of Learning Activity:

1. Given four word problems on the chalkboard, the teacher will demonstrate to the students how to find the representations in each word problem.

  1. The larger of two numbers is twice the smaller. Write representations of the two numbers.
  2. The price of a book is $3 less than twice the price of a tape.
  3. The first side of a triangle is 3 times as long as a second side. The third side is 5 cm shorter than the first side.
  4. This year, the price of a movie ticket increased by one-fifth of the price last year.

2. Give hints such as of, is, and and, ask the students to see if they are able to catch all of these hints in each word problem. Can use this for group activity.

Harv in English

This length of this lesson is 13:14.

Steven in ASL

This length of this lesson is 13:18.

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