Session 6

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Creating Action Plans for the Future

Section 6 Objectives

  • To develop action plans for future work
  • To practice skills in responding to challenging situations

Opening Reflection

Sometimes change comes not in the first round, but at the second, third or fourth. Change starts with one person questioning, challenging, speaking up and doing something to make a difference. We can each make a difference…because each of us is already part of the community where racism exists and thrives. ~ Paul Kivel, 1993

Significant Questions:

  • What’s the role of white people in undoing racism?
  • What knowledge and skills do you need to work on to build your capacity to be effective in addressing racism/white privilege individually and in group settings?
  • What can you do to contribute to and sustain a white anti racist collective in your community?

A Framework for Responding
from Shelly Tochluck, Witnessing Whiteness

Download “Ways to Respond” Handout

This handout is from It outlines different ways of responding.

Role Playing/Discussing Challenges

Last week, you were asked to bring a scenario that you would like to practice how to respond. We will do some brainstorming as a group and practice how to respond.

Our Plans of Action

  • Share your action plans in small groups (Amend and revise as desired)
  • Share one goal with the large group

Next Steps ~ Opportunities

Wrapping Up

  • Appreciations/Final Check-in
  • Evaluations
  • Living the Contradictions
    • Amazing Grace

    • Password:  cracking123

Closing Reflection

The Future

The faces and the tactics of the leaders
may change every four years, or two, or one,
but the people go on forever.
The people-beaten down today,
yet rising tomorrow;
losing the road one minute
but finding it the next;
their eyes always fixed on a star
of true [connection], equality and dignity
-the people are the real guardians
of our hopes and dreams.
Paul Robeson, 1952

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