About this Curriculum

Created by the workgroup of:

Sheryl Boman, Doug Bowen-Bailey, Dick Dolezal, Cindy Donner, Ann Mahoney, Ellen O’Neill, and Lyn Clark Pegg

With support from:

The People’s Institute North
Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Otto Bremer Foundation
Walker Foundation

This curriculum was developed to create a space for white people interested in being effective allies with people of color in the work of dismantling racism and undoing white privilege.  This is a process designed to support people wherever they are on their journey.  While this process is designed for white people to go through this experience with other white people, it does not mean that white people should act on their own in doing the work of transforming society.  This time of preparation is to empower people to be more effective allies in partnerships across racial lines.

Using the Curriculum

If you are using the curriculum with a fee for participation, we suggest that at least a portion of that fee go to support initiatives in the community that are led by people of color.


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