The Second Holly’s Homemade Half


August 15, 2015 ~ Duluth, MN
From Hawk Ridge to Hartley to Holly’s

Back by popular demand!  Holly’s Homemade Half will once again be run this summer because what can be more motivating for a run than some high quality pie.

The run from Hawk Ridge starts at 8:30 a.m.

The half of a half (starting from Hartley Nature Center parking lot) starts at 9:30 a.m.

Run Information

Course Maps

Tentative Course

These are maps of the course for the first Homemade Half.  We expect that it will be very similar, though Holly is wanting to contemplate some changes.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the map.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the map.

Information for Runners

The Philosophy
Whether this is a race or a run is really up to you.  We won’t have any official timing… and if you aren’t ready to start when others start, you can still run and pie will be there at the end for you.  This is about fitness, fun, community and building up our appetites for treats.

Race Date:  Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Start(s)
The Half  (13.1 miles):  8:30 am at Hawk Ridge at the pedestrian crosswalk on Skyline Parkway.  You can park alongside the road.  (To get to Hawk Ridge, take Glenwood and head east on Skyline to where raptor programs happen.)
The Half-of-Half (6.6 miles):  approximately 9:40 at Hartley Nature Center parking lot – accessed from Woodland Ave.  Plan to be there by 9:30 for information.  There will be an aid station there for runners doing all 13 miles.  Doug will be there with maps & info.

This is a point-to-point run, meaning the finish line is no where near the starting line.  If you want to carpool to Hawk Ridge for the start, meet at the Bowen-Bailey house by 7:50 AM. (728 E 7th Street, Duluth 55805) We will work together at the end to collect vehicles still at Hawk Ridge or Hartley.  Parking near the B-Bs will be on the street.

Registration and Fees:
Most of you have already officially signed up and signed the waiver.  If you have not, we will have waivers at the start.

Fees:  Money will be collected at the FINISH LINE only.  Too much hassle otherwise.
($20.00 just to run, $20 additional cost if you ordered a shirt.  If there is any money left over from the run, it will be donated to CHUM Food Shelf.)

Shirts:  Ff you have ordered a shirt, we will have it for you at the finish.  There are a few extras, so you may be able to get one if you’d like.  (Shirts are $20)

Finish Line
There will be pie for you and any fans you bring along.  There will also be some beverages.  If you want different post-race food, please plan for yourself. Hang out as long as you like.  We expect some runners to finish in two hours, others may need closer to three hours.

Door Prizes:  Many people have indicated they are bringing Homemade Items for prizes.  Those who bring prizes will have their names will be put in a hat and drawn at random.  Tentatively, we are anticipating this to happen around 11:30.  (If you need to leave early, we’ll figure something out.)

Course Info
On race day, it will be marked with pink flagging to the best of our ability.     There will be some paper maps of each segment of the run at the aid stations.  The longer course is approximately 9 miles of trails, 4 miles of roads. There is one section of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) between Vermillion Road and Pleasant View which is extremely rocky.  In addition, there is a need to cross some roads that will have traffic. We expect everyone to be cautious as they navigate both roads and trails. (Check out the link for Course Maps for more specifics.)

Aid Stations
There are three aid stations (Vermillion Road, Hartley Nature Center parking lot, Bagley Nature Center parking lot).  Each will have water and gatorade, as well as maps and a check-in to make sure no one is lost. We ask that you stop/holler your name as you go by so we know you are okay.
Bathrooms:  There are biffies at Hartley and Bagley, and three bathrooms at our house.  Hope that is enough!

What to Bring

  • Water bottle/fuel belt strongly recommended. Good if you can tuck a copy of the map into the belt.
  • Your own watch – no fancy or “official” timing system in place.
  • Cell phone if you are prone to getting lost.

What NOT to Bring

  • Dogs.   Our chickens thank you for this consideration.

About the Run

Come join in a run from Hawk Ridge to the Bowen-Bailey house, mostly on trails, but some roads as well. The course will be approximately half-marathon distance. If you prefer to run half-of-a-half, join us at Hartley Park, or for an even shorter, downhill jaunt, start at Chester Park. Finish Line is at 728 E 7th Street in Duluth.  Check out the link for Race Course for more details.

We will work together to drive back to where cars are parked along the course after we finish. Or, get dropped off and picked up by a trusted buddy. Homemade pie will be served at the finish line. 2-3 aid stations will be set up along the way, with water, maybe some gatorade. I recommend you carry at least some of your own water if you are running the longer distance.

$40 donation suggested if you would like a standard t-shirt. ($45 if you want a 3/4 sleeve v-neck shirt.)  If you don’t want any shirt, registration is only $25.  After the cost of shirts and pies, any remaining funds will be donated to the CHUM for the Steve O’Neil Apartments.  Click registration information for pictures of the t-shirts.

RSVP is very helpful, so I make enough pie. Invite a friend if you wish, the run is just for fun, and open to anyone who likes running, Duluth, and treats.

If you have something HOMEMADE you want to wear or bring, that would be great. For those who bring door prizes, we will put your names in a hat and do a drawing at the end.  If you don’t want to hassle with door prizes and just want to come run (or just eat pie), no worries.  Just don’t be offended when your name isn’t drawn because it won’t be in the hat.

Run Course

Subject to Change

The course will be a combination of trails and road running going through the following parks and neighborhoods:

  • Hawk Ridge
  • Superior Hiking Trail Spur
  • Woodland
  • Hartley Nature Center
  • Bagley Nature Center
  • Chester Bowl
  • Bowen-Bailey home

The map below has a tentative course. This equates to just over 13 miles – but is based on taking a more circuitous route within Hartley, Bagley, and Chester.  No one is obligated to run the extra mileage to make it to 13 miles. (You get pie either way.)

Below are maps of the 4 parts of the race.  Click on the image to see the complete map.

Map of 1st  part of Homemade HalfMap of 4th part of Homemade Half Map of 3rd part of Homemade HalfMap of 2nd part of Homemade Half

Download 2015 Homemade Half Map Cards

Aid Stations:  We plan to offer a couple of aid stations.  For sure, there will be one at Hartley Nature Center parking lot. We also should have one near Bagley Nature Center

Registration Information

Registration Options:

With T-shirt – $40 | No Shirt $20 | With Pie/Dessert $10

2015-t-shirt-mockupThis shirt is a mock-up of what style we will have.  (Long sleeve with hood.)  We haven’t decided on color and Ahme is designing a new logo.  2015 apparently is the international year of banana cream.