Honoring Pastor Kathy

Top Secret Group Gifts for Pastor Kathy

As part of our celebration on January 9th, there are some secret plans to show our appreciation and gratitude to Pastor Kathy (as well as Tim Carpenter). You are invited to contribute to any/all of these projects. Of course, you are also welcome to share your own private card or gift; these are things being presented on behalf of the congregation during the celebration.



Share a favorite memory, photos, drawings, or words of thanks and appreciation on your own page. These can be shared individually or by family groups.

  • What: We are compiling a 3-ring binder (more than one may be needed) with all of the tributes. You can direct your message to Kathy, Tim, or to both of them together.
  • Specifics: Submit 8.5×11 paper (standard size). Fill ONE side of a page. (If you choose to share a card or other gesture on your own, that is up to you, of course.)
  • When: You can email, mail, or deliver your statement to the Peace office by December 15th.

Send page attention:

Video Tributes

Record yourself, your family, or friends who may need tech support in a 1-minute video to Kathy or her family. These will be compiled into a movie that will be given to them to watch privately.

Email your video recording by December 15th to: saraolsondean@gmail.com

New “Kathy Nelson Fund”

New “Kathy Nelson Fund”We are collecting financial gifts to a new fund we are tentatively calling “The Kathy Nelson Fund”. We will be inviting Kathy to help create guidelines for using these funds for years to come to support ministry work that she cares about so much. We envision this fund supporting the Gabriel Fund, the Foy Scholarship, youth work camps or retreat scholarships, or other projects that reflect Kathy’s passion, care, and service towards members of our community. We hope to be able to announce a gift of $30,000 dollars (or more)  in honor of 30 years of service.

Please consider a gift to this fund in the following ways:

  • A one-time gift
  • An annual gift for 2-5 years
  • You can fill in a form detailing your planned giving at:
  • No checks/payment need be given until January. If you wish to contribute before that, send checks to Peace Church with “KN Fund” in the memo line.

Click here for the commitment form.

Visa Gift Card for the family

Visa Gift Card for the family – We would like to give their family a Visa gift card that can be used for fun and relaxation. If you would like to contribute to that you can send a check to the office at
Peace Church with “Kathy Visa Gift Card” in the memo line.