Texts with Nancy

Personal Background

In this text, Nancy gives a little background on her educational and work experience. (4:23)

Counted Cross-Stitch

Nancy explains how to begin a Counted Cross-stitch project, including materials and the process of how to actually do the sewing. (6:35)

Interpreter Follies

Nancy explains about how an interpreter’s folly led to both some laughs and a conversation with the Governor. (2:04)

Long-Distance Pacemaker

Nancy explains about her father’s heart condition and how it is monitored. (1:45)

D.C. Driving

An experience Nancy  had driving in Washington, D.C. while she was a student at Gallaudet. (2:22)

Mistaken Identity

A story of being frequently mistaken for someone else. (2:29)

A Daughter’s Long Recovery

An explanation of the long process of remedying Nancy’s daughter’s broken leg.(6:35)

Reunion Time

A story of attending her husband’s class reunion. (3:48)

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